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Water is our element
Water is our element


is our Element

[Translate to English:] Kunststoff- und Bautechnik


and Construction Engineering

Mixing- and Injectiontechnology
Mixing- and Injectiontechnology

Mixing &

Injection Technology

Pumps, turbines and systems
Pumps, turbines and systems


Turbines and Systems

24 h

Customer Service

Pumps, Turbines and Systems

Pumps and systems for municipal water supply, sewage treatment plants, process pumps for industrial applications and sanitary installations.

Plastics and Construction Engineering

Production of customised PE products such as pump chambers and sludge collectors on state-of-the-art production line.

Mixing and Injection Technology

Grouting systems for consolidation and impermeabilisation of soil and rock. It becomes possible to build on difficult soil and rock thanks to modern processes.


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