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About us

Häny is an expert system provider of advanced, innovative and reliable pump solutions.

Our field of expertise comprises the whole "water cycle" - from drinking water supply to wastewater disposal. With the takeover of Sulzer Pumpen Schweiz, Häny AG offers enhanced solutions in the area of municipal and industrial water treatment. With its appointment as general agents for Netzsch pumps and its partnership with Caprari Modena, Häny was able to further consolidate its position in the Swiss market. But with its focus redirected on advisory and planning services, Häny no longer manufactures every pump used in its systems.

To deliver and optimize customer benefit we have added the most suitable products available on the world market to our own special designs. In an effort to respond effectively to a wide variety of requirements from customers and business partners alike - private contractors, architects, engineers, planners, sanitary installation engineers as well as local authorities - Häny AG operates four divisions: Building services (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning), Municipal/Industrial, Mixing- and Injectiontechnology and Customer Service.

Häny maximizes the benefit it delivers to its customers. On the one hand, it supplies systems designed to provide operating reliability. On the other, Häny customers can count on an expert partner for prompt assistance if needed.

"Häny strives to meet and exceed customer expectations for the ultimate in customer satisfaction."