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Christmas donation 2021 – Häny is supporting the Fondazione Valle Bavona

Switzerland and sustainability are in our DNA. Water is our element. That’s why this year, we’re making a sizeable Christmas donation to finance the restoration of a valuable, biodiverse habitat in the Bavona Valley (Canton of Ticino), an area of national importance.

About the Bavona Valley
The Bavona Valley is one of the steepest and most rugged alpine valleys in Switzerland, and has a plethora of features of outstanding interest, including from a scientific perspective. The valley spans an area of roughly 124 km2, with an altitude that soars by over 2,800 m between Bignasco-Cavergno and the summit of the Basodino mountain – a distance of just 20 km as the crow flies. The upper portion of the valley boasts a vast alpine landscape dotted with gigantic glaciers, majestic mountains and isolated moorlands of cantonal importance.
The Bavona valley has been listed in the Federal Inventory of Landscapes and Natural Monuments since 1983. The Fondazione Valle Bavona is committed to preserving this extraordinary landscape.

About Fondazione Valle Bavona
The Fondazione Valle Bavona has been managing and maintaining centuries of heritage for 30 years. The traditional, rural landscape in the Bavona Valley is a valuable treasure which the communities that call the area home have entrusted to the Foundation. The foundation actively promotes the valley and attracts both the younger generation and countless volunteers from all four corners of the world. Its extensive programme for 2021 emphasized the connection between the traditional, rural landscape and biodiversity.

The Bavona River and alluvial plain
Many small rivers and alpine lakes form the basin of the Bavona Valley. Several of these tributaries are benign for the majority of the year, only becoming threatening torrents when swelled by heavy rainfall. The Bavona River rises in the glaciers around the Basodino mountain, at an altitude of approximately 2,600 m.
Bare gravel banks, riversides overgrown with hardy vegetation and forested wetlands provide habitats that are inextricably linked to the river’s natural flow. These habitats are extremely important from a scientific perspective, as they provide a home to countless species of plants and animals. The Bavona Valley's floodplain between Terre di Sonlerto and Sabbione has been added to the Federal Inventory of Alluvial Sites of National Importance.

Häny’s commitment – Restoration of the Sabbione Biotope
The Fondazione Valle Bavona had previously completed a major restoration of the unique biotope in Sabbione. The heavy rainfall on 14 July 2021 has almost completely undone that hard work. Through our long-term commitment, this unparalleled landscape will now be renovated once more, restoring the area to its former splendour.

Our tip: Make sure to plan a slight detour to the Bavona Valley the next time you go on vacation to Ticino. You could even become a support of the Friends of the Bavona Valley Fund yourself.

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