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About us

Optimal customer contact and expertise are ensured by our market and application directed organisation.

Häny Bulgaria EOOD
004A Bul. Novoseltzy
BG-2100 Elin Pelin

Phone +359 72 161 060
Fax +359 72 161 061

[Translate to English:] Häny Austria GmbH

Häny Austria GmbH
Pumpen, Turbinen und Systeme
Forster Strasse 18
AT-8142 Wundschuh

Phone +43 3135 5799 0
Fax +43 3135 5799 4

Haeny Inc.

Haeny Inc. Mixing and Injection Technology
3006 Commerce Square East
Irondale, AL 35210

Phone +1 205 201 5505
Fax +1 205 201 5505