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Customer Service

If the service is right from advice to maintenance this means you are working with Häny.

Permanent service availability

We do our utmost to ensure that your system, from large plants down to the smallest component, work perfectly. We conduct new value revisions at our plant and partial revisions on site. Using the latest measuring and analysis technology, we assess the condition of your plant on site, thereby ensuring that any damage is detected in good time. Thanks to our closely-knit service point network in Switzerland, we can guarantee fast reaction times and short access routes.

Häny customers secure advantages through:
  • advice on all maintenance and repair offers
  • possibility of having remote diagnostics conducted by the internal customer service
  • maintenance and repair contracts
  • close-knit network for repair and revision services
  • spare parts and installation service
  • optimised operating costs through proactive maintenance
  • on-call and fault clearing service 365 days a year