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Customer Service

Bespoke services for noticeable added value!

Thus service package has been developed to meet the needs of our customers. You select the service of your choice from various models and we analyse the available or recorded data. We then present this to you in a detailed yet simple and understandable documentation. This means that you profit from complete control over the costs.


We are happy to answer any questions you may have about your plant or its operation.

Economic efficiency

We can show you precisely how your plant is doing by analysing the data that has been collected. For example, it is possible to identify an excessively high energy consumption or say whether the plant's service life is still guaranteed for technical reasons. This provides you with a sound basis for precise budgeting.

Prioritisation analyses

Are you aware of the importance of your plant? What would happen if it were to fail? Plants are listed in detail on the basis of a prioritisation table. The resulting measures are then discussed directly with you.

Status analysis

Find out how your plant(s) is/are doing. Since the necessary data is often missing it first has to be collected on site. The findings are discussed with you during personal talks and the necessary measures derived from this. The analysis is of importance for the modules "Retrofit", "Prioritisation analyses" and "Economic efficiency".

A status analysis can be carried out for existing plants as well as plants from any manufacturer.


Repairs, modernisations right through to complete overhauls are performed on site or in our works in Jona. Everything according to your individual wishes and requirements.

Material management

The provision of spare parts is often neglected. However, it can turn out to be very costly if a plant comes to a standstill because of this.

We make sure that the right spare part is already on hand or can be obtained as quickly as possible in the event of a failure.


All important data from the time we put the plant into operation is stored in our system.

Would you like to know how many plants are operative, where they are located or for how long they have been in operation? We provide comprehensive documentation.

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