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Logos, pictures, videos etc.

Vertical Pelton turbine

Project: Vertical Pelton turbine in Fang Anniviers (VS)

Pump chamber

ZMP 936 - Triplex

Vertical Pelton turbine

Project: Vertical Pelton turbine in Finhaut (VS)

Spiral pump

Project: Pumping station Kirchmatt in Oberägeri ZG


Mall of Switzerland, Ebikon

K10, highway, Kloten - Bülach north


Promotional videos about our new Econex pump


Noise of cavitation

Häny AG - Customer Service

Marketing video about Häny customer service

Häny AG - Turbines

Programme about the Glaubten drinking water power station
Reverse running pump turbine for generating electricity (TELE TOP)

Schweiz aktuell

Programme broadcast on 30 March 2011 (SF)
Small hydro power station (turbine) at the Alt St. Johann Municipal Water Authority

The Häny logo ready to download

ZIP Download