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Häny AG in the press and own publications.

New partnership with JLM for the territory of Poland and Ukraine

We are happy to announce our new partnership with JLM Scandinavia AB, a company which is on the market for over 40 years in the supply and service of horizontal directional drilling rigs and trenchless technology. Häny signed an agreement with JLM to supply and support our products related to Mixing and Injection Technology for the territory of Poland and Ukraine. “This is a new and exciting partnership with JLM” said Nikolay Todorov, Area Sales Manager of Mixing and Injection Technology at Häny AG Switzerland. More information about JLM and their activities can be found under their website:

Häny Mixing and Injection Technology
The Swiss company Häny AG has been offering mixing and injection systems for cement-based suspensions for almost 90 years. In addition to development and production in Switzerland and abroad, Häny's strength lies in advising its customers in the dimensioning of the plants, technical support as well as in on-site training.

The Häny product range includes components such as colloidal mixers, agitators, injection pumps and compact grout plants for cementitious grouts. Various degrees of automation, from manual to fully automatic systems, together with state-of-the-art control technology and data recording systems for pressure and flow are available. Large containerized mixing plants including transfer pumps for stationary use complement the portfolio.

Häny machines are characterized by simple operation, easy cleaning, robust construction and extremely low maintenance and servicing costs. In addition to its own sales offices in the Switzerland, US, Austria and Bulgaria, Häny works with more than 30 sales partners to provide the customer with the best possible local service.