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Pumps, turbines and systems

Plastics and construction engineering

Customised PE products from a state-of-the-art production line.

Optimum solutions for PE chambers

Everything from a single source and of the highest quality. PE chambers are produced to measure with a high degree of automation and equipped with matching pumps. These are supplied as complete units and are only positioned and connected on-site. Plumbers are increasingly demanding cost-effective, ready to connect products. The feedback is thus positive - virtually nobody misses painstaking on-site assembly in construction shafts.

Plastics and construction engineering from Häny:
  • PE pump chambers
  • Sludge collectors
  • Manholes
  • Cable loop chambers
  • Retention chambers
  • Valve chambers
  • Chamber within a chamber
  • Special structures
Häny customers benefit from advantages:
  • 10-year leak-tightness warranty
  • Customised processing
  • Simple and clean handling
  • More economical than concrete products