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Swimming pool and fountain technology

Our well-thought-out planning guarantees perfect swimming pools with optimal water quality

Clean water for great splashing fun

When planning, we take into account the latest insights from construction physics as well as state-ofthe-art energy-saving technologies and water treatment methods. Naturally, individual requirements and standards differ to a great extent. This means that in reaching the final goal, close cooperation, accommodating the particularities of the object and taking into account the budget are all indispensable.

Häny’s swimming pool technology offers:
  • exclusive private swimming pools
  • fountains, water displays
  • counter current systems, massage jets
  • maintenance service
Häny customers secure advantages through:
  • advice, planning and implementation from a single source
  • maintenance and repair contracts
  • on-call and fault clearing service
  • short access routes thanks to a tight network of service organisations
  • online shop for water care products