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Mixing and Injection Technology

When it comes to reinforcing, sealing and anchoring we do not compromise.

Convincing systems and devices

We are your global partner for state-of-the-art mixing and injection technology. Wherever building sites, rock, anchorages or tunnel constructions need to be reinforced or sealed we are at work.

Häny mixing and injection technology offer solutions for:
  • ground improvement: tube injections, soil-mix procedures, injection screens
  • tunnel construction: injections for reinforcing and sealing the ground, pipe screen injections, mortar back-filling injections, cotact injections
  • anchorages: earth and rock anchors, floor nailing, borin anchors
  • ditch-free building: pipe jacking, micro-tunnelling, directional drilling
  • special civil engineering: slotted and narrow wall construction, pile foundations
  • pre-stressed concrete: injection of the cable channels
Häny customers secure advantages through:
  • individual and cost-effective system configuration
  • competent advice and high flexibility
  • little wear and tear and low maintenance costs
  • high-quality and user-friendly products

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