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Pumps, turbines and systems

Engineering is our source for optimal water circulation systems within municipalities and companies.

Optimal concepts for custom-tailored systems

Due to their complexity, municipality and industrial projects are always a challenge for our system engineers. The decisive factor is optimal system configuration, be it in the area of drinking water supply and wastewater technology. Custom-tailored systems are developed and optimised in cooperation with you.

Häny’s municipal and industrial services offer:
  • comprehensive advice and services
  • customised solutions
  • delivery, installation and start-up
  • sprinkler systems and pressure damping systems
  • pumping stations for drinking, sewage or waste water or for water treatment

Häny customers secure advantages through:
  • great work efficiency and workmanship quality thanks to extensive experience
  • competent advice and clear responsibilities
  • safety through sound water hammer calculations
  • cost-effective solutions thanks to specially adjusted systems
  • low expense for coordination and administration