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Pumps, turbines and systems


An experienced team of proven professionals bring a broad range of technical knowledge in all areas.


We offer you our consulting services for every phase of your project. We will be pleased to support your local engineering office with our experience and expertise.

In the initial phase during project clarification this consulting is free of charge. In this process stage, the general conditions are established and it is clarified whether or not a project is fundamentally technically and legally feasible. If not, further project stages are unnecessary and the undertaking must be abandoned. On the other hand, if the technical and legal feasibility are established, further steps are performed according to the project plan. In this regard, see the study about drinking water power plants (from concept to implementation) from the Swiss Gas and Water Industry Association (SVGW) and EnergieSchweiz.

In the case of small hydroelectric plants, the next project phase involves preparing a rough analysis. This contains a list of the first clarifications, a site analysis and forms the basis for making the decision about initiating a detailed analysis.

In this detailed analysis, all fundamentals for deciding on loan approvals and for the implementation of the plant are listed. The potential for energy that exists is explained in detail, and a customised evaluation of the latest technologies is performed. Likewise, there is also a recommendation about the selection of technologies and a description of the operating concept. Often, the rough and detailed analyses are performed as part of an overall analysis.

A further service, one in high demand, consists of pressure surge tests for water lines including conclusive results and the corresponding explanations.


In the planning phase we again will be pleased to support your local engineering office with our experience and expertise.

This process phase, which follows on positive results from the project identification, includes all further steps up to the commissioning of the project. These are:

  • Preliminary project or concession project
  • Construction project including applications
  • Implementation project, realisation and commissioning

For the entire process cycle for a small hydroelectric plant, you should plan for a timeframe of at least one year.


Turbine production